Kris Black - designer, author, cartoonist, & illustrator

Tools for Illustration, Comics, & Children's Books | Kris Black

Tools, supplies, apps, and services used by Kris Black. Kris is a designer, author, cartoonist, and illustrator for comics and children’s books.


Digital Tools

My artwork, whether it’s writing, drawing, or design, either starts out on a device or will eventually end up on one. Here is a list of hardware and software tools I use in my day-to-day work.



I’m always evaluating new apps to see if I can increase my productivity or enhance my workflow. Hence the long list of apps I use for capturing tasks and storing information

Traditional Tools

As an artist, it's near impossible to get away from writing, sketching, and creating finalized art on paper. Below is an assortment of art supplies I use on a day-to-day basis.


Lines & Colors

Ever since I started using an iPad Pro in late 2016 I’ve cut back on my use of traditional media. As a result, I’ve stopped buying new traditional supplies and completely rely on creating my artwork digitally. I’m not sure if this has made me a better artist, but I do like the convenience an iPad Pro affords me with drawing tools in various apps.

Web Tools

I use a variety of web services and applications to publish and share my products, artwork, and writing. Here is a list of the web services and apps I use to share my writing, art, and design online. I also snuck in some financial services and apps I use to run my business.

Domain Names