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The following shows my process for creating the logo for a personal project.

The Idea

My initial idea was to create a logo with a hand drawn quality. I digitally sketched out some ideas using fonts that have varying degrees of a hand drawn style.


Choosing a Font

Speeding Bullet font by Comicraft

After exploring the ideas above, I wanted to find a font that was less of a handwritten style, but still possessed an organic quality.

I choose Speeding Bullet by Comicraft for its bold, varied weight and to have the option of using the speed trails variation in future assets of the project.


No lowercase 'e'

One thing I noticed about Speeding Bullet was the lack of a traditional lowercase e. I like the unique e that resembles a backward number three, but seeing that e repeated three times just wasn't working.

Making a new 'e' by referencing o,c, and a.

Making a new 'e' 

I decided to make a new e by referencing key letters in the font, specifically oc, and the two a's. The left side of the e is derived from the c. While the right side is inspired by the two-story a.


Mixing it up

I replaced all of the original e's with my new e. It still felt like it was too many of the same letter.

I then used a mix of the original e and my new e. Now something was starting to work for me visually. I also preferred the print style a instead of the a most people typically write by hand.

While I liked what I was seeing, I still wasn't happy with the e's on either side of the v. So I putting my new e on either side of the v.

Final type treatment for Squareverse logo

Don't forget to capitalize the S

The lowercase s felt very underpowered so I swapped it out for the uppercase S. I made a few tweaks to the v's upper half and finally settled on a type treatment I was proud of.



The Cosmic Cube

Early on in my process I had an idea of using a cube that glowed. I drew a few inked sketches but realized my ideas around a glowing effect might prove problematic for small versions of the logo on the web. 

I still liked the idea of using a cube when considering what this project is for so I tried some other ideas. One idea that stuck out to me was using a stylized S that had a cosmic shape.


Final Logo

I finally settled on a very simplified cube and S shape. The cube's S nicely complements the S in the type treatment with the gentle curves and subtle variation in widths.

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