Senior Front-End Web Designer

My primary roles at SCANA were maintaining visual consistency and developing new site sectionsacross SCANA's corporate and subsidiary business websites. 


SCE&G Mobile Account Management

I created a mobile prototype of online account management for customers.

 SCE&G Mobile Account Management

PSNC Energy Gas Products

PSNC Energy sells and installs gas products. I redesigned and developed the product section, providing a call to action for customers to inquire about purchasing.

This project included implementing a robust third-party rating system with commenting, as well as creating a slideshow gallery for each product.

SCE&G Facebook Page

In 2012, I worked with SCE&G's advertising manager to create custom-coded layouts for different sections of SCE&G's Facebook page, using brand styles from the existing website.

SCE&G Community Outreach

SCE&G is very focused on outreach and helping the community. I created a new section of the site called "Our Community" to showcase that SCE&G does more than just keep the power on.