Kris Black - designer, author, cartoonist, & illustrator


Kris Black has designed logos and identity branding for small businesses, creative professionals, podcasters, and online publications.

Logo Designs


black&hue provides consulting and creative web design and graphic design services to small businesses and professionals.


Squareverse publishes articles about using to build and maintain your own website. I drew inspiration for this logo from cosmic elements from classic comic art.

Dollar Bin Comic Podcast

The Dollar Bin Comic Podcast posts episodes and articles by active collectors of comic books and the pop culture industry that's formed around the medium. I was a founding member of the Dollar Bin Comic Podcast in 2006. I've worked through many iterations of the website and logo designs.

Resumes are Hard

How do you design a logo for a resume content strategist? It ain't easy! I decided to focus on my client's target audience and how they might feel when trying to write their own resumes. Snapping a pencil in half seems about right when I think of the feelings I've had during my career writing my own resume.

Delos Communication

This is not your typical public relations or affairs company. Delos Communications helps their clients through crisis management issues with relentless researching and strategic inititatives. The name, Delos, comes from the birthplace of the Greek god Apollo, the god of light and truth. Delos Communication shines the best light on truthful information.