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Watch the Entire Marvel Cinematic Universe in 13 Minutes (Pre-Age of Ultron)

Avengers: Age of Ultron is finally released this weekend and I couldn't be more excited to go see it with my family. To celebrate the release enjoy this short, 13-minute synopsis of how the Marvel movies are woven together in one super story.

The best part of this short video is how events in the Marvel films are assembled in the correct chronological order. I'm blown away by how much Marvel has created and given us over the last few years. 

Which Marvel Film is my Favorite?

I often try to decide which Marvel film is my favorite. It's a tough decision.

I have an affinity for the Hulk as a character, but his movies tend to lack the humor brought on by Tony Stark and the Iron Man movies.

Avengers (the first one) was an explosive film showcasing a pentacle of Marvel awesomeness.

Captain America and his quest to stand up to those that don't believe in truth, liberty, and the superhero way of life is inspiring.

However, none of the films managed to draw me in and entertain me more than Guardians of the Galaxy. Why? For me it was the underdog movie that just didn't seem to fit. I didn't know what to expect from a Marvel film that wasn't taking place in or near New York City. Oh how I was wrong.

As I head into my weekend with my family to watch Avengers: Age of Ultron, I can only hope that this movie becomes my new favorite Marvel film of all time. That is, until the next one is released (Ant-Man).

What's your favorite Marvel movie?