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Everyone Should Have a Lego Basement Like This

Lego has been a part of my life since the 80's. I lost interest with Lego bricks as I got older (replaced by comic books and art), but when my kids discovered Lego my Lego-love was rekindled. 

Like most families with a Lego addiction, we will soon not know what to do with all those darn bricks. My son's room is slowly being overtaken by a swelling mass of colored plastic.

Well, Jeffrey Pellitier knew what to do, and by my account, he's set the standard for a new type of room in modern homes. Check out the video and see what I mean.

Architect Jeffrey Pelletier has amassed a collection of 250,000 Lego pieces in the basement of his family's 1902 Seattle home. Watch the video to see how he organizes all those gold bricks, yellow heads, countless gears and more. Source: