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HiRise for iPhone by Twelve South is the Best iPhone Accessory

My Hi-Rise by TwelveSouth

My Hi-Rise by TwelveSouth

I recently splurged and bought myself an iPhone accessory, HiRise by Twelve South. I was frustrated with charging my iPhone while it lay on my desk. One of two things always happened.

  • The lightning cable, used for charging, would twist the iPhone around and I couldn’t read the notifications because the screen was upside down.
  • The cable would get in the way of my keyboard, Wacom tablet, desk accessories, and my writing and drawing tools.

What do I think about HiRise by Twelve South?

It’s awesome! It solves my two gripes listed above. It’s a slick, little iPhone mount that gets the iPhone off the desk, at an angle that’s easy to read the screen, and looks as good as any Apple product.

I have got to hand it to the crew at Twelve South. They make the best Apple accessories money can buy. Check out their site, and I challenge you to not find one of their product you don’t like.

Do you have a Twelve South Product?

Have you bought a Twelve South product and love it as much as I love mine? If so, what did you buy?