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Disney's Paperman

I can remember standing in line at the local movie theater in 1995 to see Toy Story, a movie that sparked my imagination and made me fall in love with animation. Toy Story represented a major shift in how animated movies were made, and ushered in the new wave of computer-generated animation, and at the same time almost ushering out traditional, hand-drawn animation.

The excitement I felt the day I saw Toy Story for the first time has gone unmatched. I had come to expect that I would never see another animated film that could go head-to-head with Toy Story until I watched the new animated short film Paperman by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Paperman blends the best of both worlds of computer and traditional animation. It mixes these so well, that I have a hard time discerning where they come together. This short film is beautiful. You can purchase Paperman on iTunes and Amazon in HD for $2.99.