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What if Charlie Brown had hair?

 What if Charlie Brown had hair?

If you really think about it, isn't it strange how Charlie Brown has no hair? Sure, he has a little curl, maybe some sprouts, but for the most part the kid is just plain bald. Do you think that affected him as a character? To compound his premature baldness, he always had a streak of bad luck. Whether is was not being able to get the little red-headed girl or Lucy pulling the football away at the last minute, poor little Charlie Brown just didn't have a lot going well for him.

This is when I realized that if Charlie Brown had a full head of hair, it would have drastically changed his character and the events of his life. How so you ask? Well, let me illustrate an example:

This is my favorite example I can think of as it's the most annoying and rude action any of the characters from Peanuts commit to good ole Chuck. I remember as a kid thinking to myself, "Why doesn't Charlie Brown stick up for himself?" It wasn't until later in life that I realized that Charlie Brown's character is not about revenge or sticking up for himself. But if he was, I think he might have done what I illustrated above. What do you think? Do you think Charlie Brown would act like this if he had hair?