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Cyber Augusta Magazine – Summer 2018

Cyber Augusta Magazine – Summer 2019

Hulk Doing Needlepoint

This illustration of Marvel’s Hulk published in the blog post, Don’t Hulk Smash Your Users, for a user experience consulting firm, truematter.

What does Hulk have to do with user experience?

The article defines a power user, someone who builds websites, as a superhero. It’s impossible for a power user to use websites like an ordinary user. Much like how it would be impossible for Hulk doing ordinary tasks like dishwashing, folding of laundry, and needlepoint.

Take the shortcut or the long, winding path?

This illustration showing two paths to take on a quest was published in a blog post, Dramatically Reduce Project Risk Through Discovery, for the user experience consulting firm, truematter.

Which path do you take?

It depends. Do you want to take the shortcut that leads you down a dark and scary path with no sure way of knowing what your users want? Or do you want to take the path of enlightenment where you uncover the needs of your users?

Cultivating an Ear for Users

This illustration of ears growing in pots was created for a blog post, How to Speak “User”, for the user experience consulting firm, truematter.

Ears growing on a plant?

I’ll admit, ears growing in pots is weird. Not really sure how I came up with this concept other than it just made sense when I was given a synopsis of the article.