Kris Black - designer, author, cartoonist, & illustrator

Dollar Bin Comic Podcast

Dollar Bin Comic Podcast

Creative Director & Web Designer

As a founding member of the Dollar Bin, I was responsible for creating and maintaining design consistency. 

Dollar Bin Website

This project included implementing a robust third-party rating system with commenting, as well as creating a slideshow gallery for each product.

The website supports publishing articles and podcasts. We use Squarespace for a stable hosting environment and website builder.


Evolution of the Logo

The Dollar Bin's early logo, used from 2006-2007, had a gritty, handmade style that represented the raw nature of the show. The style was refined in 2008, paying homage to the classic DC Comics logo designed by Milton Glaser in 1976. In 2011, the logo was treated with a more nostalgic, traditional comic book style, but also retained a bit of its gritty roots.

T-shirt Design

To promote the Dollar Bin at the 2008 Heroes Con comic book convention, I created a t-shirt design in the style of 80s heavy metal concert t-shirts. The Dollar Bin's fictitious band tour, detailed on the back, was a mash-up of the big comic book storylines happening that summer.

Business Cards

Our business card design was a filthy, grunge style printed on French Paper Kraft with black ink.