Kris Black - designer, author, cartoonist, & illustrator

Bond Inspired Advertising Illustrations for AAF of the Midlands

These advertising illustrations are inspired by James Bond characters and created for the American Advertising Federation Ad Club, AAF of the Midlands.

Addy Bond


These six advertising illustrations are inspired by James Bond characters. Created for the local American Advertising Federation Ad Club, AAF of the Midlands, in South Carolina. These illustrations were used to promote the 2018 awards show, The ADDYs.

The Characters

Similar to the notorious Bond villains of the films, these characters are eccentric, culturally diverse stereotypes. The villains represent aspects of design projects that cause hardship for creative individuals.



“My name is Bond, ADDY Bond.”

The ADDY award is a golden statue, much like an Oscar awarded to actors in Hollywood. ADDY Bond is modeled after my favorite James Bond actor, Sean Connery.


Dead Line

A cold and calculating woman who demands completion of her requested tasks no matter the obstacles.


Midnight Oil

An African man sporting a pin-striped suit straight out of the 1920’s American Gangster era. An agent of Dead Line, his work starts when everyone else is going home.


Scope Creep

A balding man with a bad combover and sunglasses holding his trench coat open to reveal lines of contraband watches for sale.


The Committee

An Asian godfather with his five minions of destruction ready to stand in your way to stall your progress at all costs.


Tight Budget

A curvy Hispanic femme fatale—a perfect love interest for our hero, Addy Bond. With a high slit in her slinky red dress, she reveals a gun tucked in her garter. Can you trust her?